What Are CEREC Same Day Crowns and When Are They Used?

Has your dentist in Lenexa, KS recommended you get a CEREC same-day crown? If so, you probably want more information about CEREC dental crowns so you can make an educated decision about whether they are right for you.

What Are CEREC Same-Day Crowns?

CEREC is short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC). CEREC same-day crowns are a quick option when you need a dental crown. CEREC crowns are made exclusively from ceramic, which is a specific type of porcelain. CEREC same-day crowns are durable, quick, convenient, and the most natural-looking choice when it comes to crowns. Fortunately, only a small amount of tooth structure is required for CEREC same-day crowns in Lenexa, KS.

How Are CEREC Same-Day Crowns Made?

Your dentist will take a digital image of your teeth, then the CEREC system will custom-make your ceramic crown in just one visit. CEREC crowns are high-quality, natural-looking, and durable.

CEREC same-day crowns in Lenexa, KS are made in your dentist’s office using a CEREC machine to make a crown. Traditional crowns are made in an offsite lab and can take anywhere from two-to-three weeks to custom-make and send to your dentist.

What Is the Difference between CEREC and Traditional Crowns?

CEREC crowns are made from ceramic only. Traditional crowns are made with a variety of materials including porcelain, metal, ceramic, and porcelain-fused-to-metal.

How Long Do CEREC Crowns Last?

On average, CEREC crowns will last between 10-15 years or more, depending on the patient and how well they are cared for. So they are durable and can go many years before having to be replaced.

How Long Does It Take to Make a CEREC Crown?

It can take anywhere between four and 20 minutes for your dentist in Lenexa, KS to make your new CEREC crown. That means you won’t have to wear a temporary crown or make repeat visits to the dentist like you do with traditional crowns.

What Other Dental Procedures Can Be Done Using CEREC Technology?

The CEREC technology can also be used for bridges, dental veneers, and dental inlays and onlays.

Which Teeth Can CEREC Same-Day Crowns Be Used For?

CEREC crowns are most suitable for molars, but they can also be used on your front and back teeth as well. However, CEREC technology is not recommended for use on your front teeth. So if you have restorative dental needs like a broken or chipped tooth on your front teeth, your dentist will probably recommend dental veneers.

When Are CEREC Crowns Most Commonly Used?

CEREC crowns are most commonly used for damaged or heavily decayed teeth. They are also used for routine finishes such as root canals and dental implants.

What’s Next?

If you need a dentist in Lenexa, KS, or just want more information about CEREC same-day dental crowns, please Contact Rosehill Dentistry today. We have been providing comprehensive, personalized, family-friendly dental care in Lenexa, KS since 1999 and look forward to serving you too!

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